The Skokie Caucus Party is pleased to share the 2022 Board of Directors:
Chairman: Mike Shah
Vice-Chair: Jeff Burman
Secretary: Linda Perlin

Elline Eliasoff, Cindy Franklin, Tali Alter Gevaryahu, Will Haben, Pramod Joshi,  Paul Luke, Syed Mahmood,
George Mitchell,  Brian O’Donnell,  Mary Oshana, Dov Pinchot, Chirag Patel, and Diana Rumsley

Why a Caucus Party?

The Skokie Caucus Party is a true partnership of engaged Skokie residents who are Democrats, Republicans and Independents working together for the good of our great Village.  It was the vision of the Skokie Caucus Party to establish the Council-Manager form of government.  In this way we assure that Skokie has progressive, transparent and innovative government and we have done so for over 60 years.

Elected Officials

It is the conviction of the Skokie Caucus Party that the best way to promote transparent, innovative and efficient government is through the election of qualified candidates who understand government and appreciate all of the facets of our Village.  Skokie Caucus Party candidates have been successfully elected for over 60 years.  As a result, we have a shared vision of a welcoming community life, public safety and economic development.  Read about and hear from our current elected officials.

Community Events

The Caucus Party is, at our core, all about community. We began as a community group that was working as a neighborhood association more than 60 years ago. This is still the anchor of the Skokie Caucus Party. We are your neighbors, fellow business owners, school parents, and friends. Together we look for needs and deeds in Skokie and come together to act. Like you we have reached out, donated time, and engaged in community support. Here are some examples and we welcome your participation.

Check out Previous Events

We Made Skokie a Top Rated Community

Every 4 years the Village of Skokie retains an independent, outside firm to survey Skokie residents (as it does in 100 communities across the country) to assess their feelings about livability, safety, government services, economic development and a host of other subjects reflecting the quality of life in our community.  Once again, the survey confirms the highest scores in these areas, demonstrating that residents not only feel safe and happy in Skokie, but they like the direction which our elected officials are headed.  Few municipalities in the United States with a fully accredited Police Department, Fire Department Public Works Department and a Public Health Department.  Crain’s Magazine rated Skokie a top community to live in.

Interested in Joining the Caucus Party?

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These elected officials are our neighbors, friends and involved community members. Our Caucus Party Administration is a diverse group with great experience having served on various Commissions of our Village, especially land use Commissions.

Consider getting involved in the Skokie Caucus Party and its strong progressive record of good government, building a growing and safe community.
Talk to us about your interests.
Consider serving on a Village Commission to become engaged in local government.

Hear your Village of Skokie Elected Officials and Skokie Caucus Party members talk about our record of achievement and future plans.