Roads and Paths

At our last coffee, a resident asked, “Is anything going to be done with Crawford Avenue?”  It was a great question, as there are several streets in Skokie that are in need of patching, resurfacing and reconstruction.  So to answer this resident’s question, and several others we have received about streets, this week’s blog will be about roads and paths.

Skokie is currently initiating improvements to the street scape on Skokie Blvd.  These improvements will include street light poles, decorative brick pavers, trees and other landscaping.  From Golf to Old Orchard, sewer capacity was increased and additional lanes were added to Skokie Blvd this year.  Improved streetscaping is also underway in Downtown Skokie as a part of the downtown revitalization project.   This project also includes sidewalk replacement, resurfacing streets, bike racks in selected areas, new bus shelters, new waste receptacles and new stop lights with syncronization.  Some of this work is going to provide more outdoor dining space for local restaurants and planting opportunities for residents and businesses.  Skokie will also be doubling the number of miles of residential streets to be resurfaced each year.  The Mayor is currently attempting to get jurisdiction of Crawford Ave. to get control of maintenance and improvements to the street.

Skokie also has several projects in the works.  One is that Skokie will significantly accelerate the resurfacing without raising taxes.  Another is that the Skokie officials are trying to create a village wide voluntary insurance program to help cover the cost of breaks in waterlines connecting single family homes to Village water mains.

Thank you for your continued interest and suggestions regarding the Village of Skokie.  Please come meet and speak with us at our next coffee, which will held on February 7th at Corner Bakery (5369 Touhy) from 7:30 p.m. to 8:15 p.m.

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